ENGLISH│京都 神泉苑平八ー結婚式・披露宴・京懐石・うどんちり・龍王船・神泉苑・会食・平安京


Shinsen-en is the one of the oldest garden left as the original form in Kyoto, Japan's old capital.
It was found in year 794, when the Emperor Kanmu developed the palace in the city.
The garden was named so meaning the well keeps gushing out fresh water.

Shinsenen Garden The oldest garden, since 794

  • It was originally six times larger than the current size in old days, where the Emperors and nobles had many activities and events; fishing, cherry blossoms or moon viewing, or sumo tournament.
    One reference records that it was the site where cherry blossoms viewing, a common activity of the Spring season in Japan throughout the history even today, was held.

  • In 869, the year an epidemic broke out in Japan, the people of the time gathered here with 66 decorative floats, same as the number of provinces in Japan then, for expelling evil sprits causing it.
    This was known as the origin of the Gion matsuri festival, the one of the largest and most famous festival in Japan.
    There is a red bridge called Ho-jyo Bridge.
    It is known peint where wishes came true as you cross the bridge thinking about it and pray at Zen-nyo Ryu-ou Shrine on the opposite shore.

  • When in KYOTO you will meet lots of traditions and cultures of authentic Japan. Come and visit us, you will find

    Japanese Cuisine
    Shinsenen HEIHACHI

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    Now, garden's scale is 2,000tsubo(坪)(=60,000 Square feet)

Japanese Cuisine Shinsenen HEIHACHI

Heihachi has been operating almost 50 years in this place.
You can enjoy our menu with seasonal beauty of the garden; cherry blossom in Spring,
greens in summer, colorful leaves in Fall, and white snow in Winter.

  • Ukisima-Gozen "Obento" style boxed meal

  • "Kaiseki" style Japanese course cuisine

We offer wide range of menu from traditional "Kaiseki" style
Japanese course cuisine to more casual "Obento" style boxed meal.

  • "Syabu-Syabu"thin slices of beef parboiled in hot soup.

  • "Udon-Chiri"

Our specialty is the Japan's thickest "Udon Chiri",
the flour noodle pot meal with local Kyoto vegetable,
fish, or meat. You can have the dish only in here.

  • Heihachi-Gozen "Obento"style boxed meal

  • Geisya services

You can also enjoy Geisya services or Taiko traditional drum show.
Please have a great time with Japanese traditional and culture.
Thank you.